The mission of Haryana Prisons is to serve the public by keeping those sentenced by the Courts in safe custody. Secure custody of inmates is primary responsibility of the prison. A diversified prison system is imperative to meet the custodial and correctional needs of various categories of prisoners. The prison structure is designed to provide all the necessary facilities for prisoners to be treated as human beings and subject them to an environment conducive for their reformative treatment. The overall objective of reform and rehabilitation is pursued within the framework of custody.

It is the prime duty of the Prison Department to provide food, proper clothing, bedding, healthcare & medical aid to the prisoners confined in the Jails of Haryana. Living conditions in every prison meant for custody care, treatment and rehabilitation of offenders should be compatible with human dignity in all aspects such as accommodation, hygiene, sanitation, food, medical facilities etc.

Legal as well as the humanitarian assistance of all kinds is to be provided to all prisoners confined in various Jails of Haryana State. Various Reform activities like cultural programmes, vocational training programmes, yoga, games, meditation, literacy programmes etc. are to be undertaken in our Jails so that convicts as well as undertrials could be integrated into the society in a respectful and civilized manner after their release.

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